Trastor REIC was established in 1999. In 2003 the Company was granted by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission the first license to operate as a Real Estate Investment Company in Greece under L.2778/99 and in 2005 the Company’s shares were listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

Following a Share Capital Increase completed in January 2017 Wert Red S.à.r.l., an investment vehicle of Värde Partners, acquired a majority stake in Company.

In December 2019, WRED LLC directly acquired 61,760,434 shares of the Company and equal voting rights previously held by Wert Red S.à.r.l.

In March 2022, Piraeus Bank S.A. acquired the entire participation of WRED LLC in the Company, and after the submission of a Mandatory Takeover Bid, its stake reached 98.4% of the total voting rights of the Company.