The Company is run by the Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly and serves four (4) years term. The term of the Board of Directors’ members, is determined each time by the General Assembly, commencing on the Election Day and may not exceed five (5) years.

The selection of the members of the Board of Directors proposed for election is subject to the principles of the Suitability Policy of the members of the Board of Directors adopted by the Company.

The Board of Directors key role is to manage its corporate assets and to represent the Company. It decides on various matters concerning the Company within the framework of the corporate governance standards with the exception of those that need to be addressed by the General Assembly.


Lambros Papadopoulos
Lambros PapadopoulosChairman, Independent, Non-Executive Member
Tassos Kazinos
Tassos KazinosVice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Member
Ioannis Vogiatzis
Ioannis VogiatzisNon-Executive Member
George Kormas
George KormasNon-Executive Member
Jeremy Greenhalgh
Jeremy GreenhalghIndependent Non-Executive Member
Susana Poyiadjis
Susana PoyiadjisIndependent Non-Executive Member
Dimitrios Ragias
Dimitrios RagiasNon-Executive Member