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Maria Gkeiveli

Maria Gkeiveli, Lawyer Back to Our Team [...]

Maria Gkeiveli2021-06-11T15:31:25+00:00

Angeliki Rinakaki

Angeliki Rinakaki, Lawyer Back to Our Team [...]

Angeliki Rinakaki2021-06-11T15:27:43+00:00

Susana Poyiadjis

Susana Poyiadjis, Independent Non-executive member Back to Board [...]

Susana Poyiadjis2021-04-21T18:49:25+00:00

Luca Malighetti

Luca Malighetti, Member Back to Investment Committee [...]

Luca Malighetti2021-06-01T08:41:46+00:00

Pandelis Dimopoulos

Pandelis Dimopoulos, Chief Financial Officer Back to Senior [...]

Pandelis Dimopoulos2020-09-22T16:50:32+00:00

Elli Klarou

Elli Klarou, Executive Assistant Back to Our Team [...]

Elli Klarou2020-09-22T16:45:22+00:00

Ioannis Letsios

Ioannis Letsios, Chief Accountant Back to Our [...]

Ioannis Letsios2020-06-12T17:14:53+00:00

Howard Prince-Wright

Howard Prince-Wright, Independent Non-Executive Member Back to Board [...]

Howard Prince-Wright2019-04-11T09:20:08+00:00
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