Remuneration & Nominations Committee

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The Remuneration & Nominations Committee ensures the implementation of the Remuneration Policy in accordance with the applicable regulations. The Committee comprises three (3) non-executive Board members consisting of at least two independent. The President of the Committee must be Independent non-exec. All the members are appointed by the Board based on their skills and experience and their mandate may not exceed the mandate of the Board.

The Committee is responsible for assessing the competency, effectiveness and performance of the members of the Board, as well as considering the recommendations on the appointment of key executives to the parent company and its affiliates. Reviewing the employee remuneration policy for the parent company and its affiliates. More specifically, the Remuneration & Nominations Committee provides recommendations on the executive and key management personnel remuneration, including remuneration policy, employee benefits and long-term incentive schemes.


Jeremy Greenhalgh
Jeremy GreenhalghPresident
Anthony Iannazzo
Anthony IannazzoMember
Lambros Papadopoulos
Lambros PapadopoulosMember