Board of Directors

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The Company is run by a Board of Directors currently comprising seven (7) members, elected by the General Assembly. The term of the Board of Directors’ members, is determined each time by the General Assembly, commencing on the Election Day. The term may not exceed five (5) years.

BoD’s role is to ensure the Company adheres to high corporate governance standards, it set and monitors corporate strategy, and provides entrepreneurial leadership and support to management.

The BoD ensures fair and equitable treatment of all shareholders, including the minority.


Michael Hadjipavlou
Michael HadjipavlouChairman, Non-Executive Member
Tassos Kazinos
Tassos KazinosVice Chairman, Executive Member
Anthony Iannazzo
Anthony IannazzoNon-Executive Member
George Tingis
George TingisNon-Executive Member
Lambros Papadopoulos
Lambros PapadopoulosIndependent Non-Executive Member
Jeremy Greenhalgh
Jeremy GreenhalghIndependent Non-Executive Member